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Transitioning Your Teen Onto The Hallelujah Diet

Teen eating habits are hard to keep up with. Some days they’re following a healthy regimen, other days they’re living off processed snacks from morning to night. Though this type of lifestyle may keep them satisfied, it’s going to deteriorate their overall health to the point of no return by the time they reach a certain age. If you’re living with a teen whose eating habits are out of control, now may be the perfect time to consider encouraging them to transition their diet.

As you know, a plant-based diet is one of the most health-conscious regimens anyone can follow. It’s the perfect way to eliminate unhealthy habits by removing saturated fats, refined sugars and grains, processed foods, dairy and meats and replacing them with nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, organic whole grains, nuts and seeds. Though it may seem as simple as giving a lecture, we all know that it’s going to take more convincing than that. Here are a few ways to help your teen make a plant-based diet transition:

Give Them the Cold Hard FactsStart by giving your teen the same information you know about the Standard American Diet. Though it may come off as alarming, your kids deserve to know the damage following this regimen can do to the body.

Make the transition easy by slowly eliminating junk foods from their diets.

Make the Transition SmoothChanging eating habits takes time, and your teen likely won’t be inclined to cut unhealthy foods with the snap of your finger.

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